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Man Breaks Into Seminary, Urinates On Chair

from KFMY News

Bexley, OH - Something strange happened at Trinity Lutheran Seminary last weekend.

"I'm not sure what we're dealing with," said Bexley police Detective Bob Cuschleg.

Even security cameras failed to clear things up. Cuschleg said he knows what the man did, but does not know why.

The suspect somehow got keys to five offices in the seminary. Once inside those rooms, which had no cameras, he rifled through drawers and file cabinets. Police said he took nothing but petty change and a 7-Up.

The man left the can behind and something else, found by an unlucky woman.

"An employee, unfortunately, sat in the chair and realized there was something there and then the odor did come to the surface," Cuschleg said. "It was pretty apparent someone had urinated in the chair."


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