Woman Seeking Paradox:
Craiglist's Closeted Queer Christian Conundrum

from Craig's List via SAMerican Revolution

"I'm a conservative, single Christian female. I attend church 3 times a week, and more for meetings...Also if you have gay friends I'd rather not meet them...You: FEMALE, friendly, a JOB and looking for an awesome Christian bud to snuggle with when it rains..."


Blogger Tyrvald said...

There's nothing in the Bible against lesbian snuggling, absolutely nothing! Once I was listening to progressive talk radio and a Christian man called in to say that he used to be against lesbianism (for who knows what religious reason) but then saw some girl on girl pornography and had to change his mind. Why can't all Jesus-Freaks see the light? Lesbians are sexy. Jesus knew it, unless he was gay. Prove he wanted to prevent women from making love to each other, and that he existed! He was probably a hippy vegan who smelled of marijuana all the time, like me, and I'm a damn heathen.

November 18, 2009 6:19 AM  

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