A Family That Hails Together Stays Together

'Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy!'

Hail Satan!

from Sploid

This weekend marks the alleged 50th anniversary of the University of Texas "Hook 'Em Horns." According to News 8 in Austin, a male cheerleader created the UT symbol in 1955.

There was only one problem. He forgot to ask permission from the university and as Clark tells it the Dean of Students was furious.

"He says do you know what this means in Sicily? I said, 'Dean, I don't know hardly anything. I'm only 19!' " Clark said.

Ha ha. There is no way a teenager could know the evil of the hand gesture. Just ask "first twins" Jenna and Barbara, who love to make the devil's sign as much as their mom and dad.

(Of the entire New England-based Bush clan, only fun-loving Jenna and Florida's Jeb attended UT's regular college. Laura got her master's degree there in 1973.)

Many people in many countries are horrified by the Bush family's constant flashing of this Satanic symbol, wondering what on Earth the University of Texas has to do with presidential inaugurations and walks on the White House lawn.

Leave it to old Babs to drop the sacrificial infant just as the picture is taken. The Dark One was not amused.


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