Sugar-Coated Mail-Order Blessings?! And E-Poojas Sound Yummy! Gosh, Hinduism's So Cool & Silly!

Get with the Program, 'Jesus' (Loser)

Hindu Goddess Now Distributes Her Blessings Online

from Boing Boing

Scott Carney, an American expat tech journalist living in Chennai, India, tells BoingBoing,

"One of the most important temples in South India has decided on a new plan to market its religious services.

"Starting some time in the next few weeks the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai will begin offering E-poojas for people who can't make it to the temple for pilgrimage. How's that for mixing religion and technology?"

Link to Scott's blog post, in which he adds: "For an additional fee prasadam, eatable sugar coated blessings, can be mailed anywhere in the globe."


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