[Noun] Infuriates Muslims

Gimme a Noun...Any Noun. They're All Correct.



'No, Wait...South Park'


But how can blasphemy be so colorful and whimsically drawn?

South Park Episode Infuriates Bosnian Muslims

from Free Republic

Islamic groups in Bosnia are infuriated after local TV network OBN broadcast an episode of South Park which depicts the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. The episode in question portrays the Muslim prophet alongside Christianity's Jesus Christ, Hinduism's Krishna, and Buddhism's Buddha.

Enes Ljevakovic, head of the Bosnian Islamic Council, says, "The broadcast (of the cartoon) is unacceptable and we condemn it and consider it to be a kind of provocation.

"According to Islamic tradition, the presentation of Prophet Mohammed or any other prophet is unacceptable, even if their presentation is not sarcastic but in positive light.

"The cartoon was even censored in the United States and that is what the local Bosnian television station should have done as well."

Nearly 40 per cent of Bosnia's 3.8 million population are Muslims.


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