The Father, The Son & The Happy Hour

Polish nuns sway and burp as the Pope's speech just goes on and on and on...

Drink-Driving Polish Nun Denounces Policeman over Bribe

from AFP

WARSAW - A Polish nun who caused two accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol informed on a police officer who asked for a bribe to cover up her mishaps.

The 35-year-old policeman has been accused of corruption and faces a possible jail sentence of up to eight years, said a spokeswoman for the state prosecutor's office.

The Benedictine nun caused two accidents, the first in 2004, when driving a tractor towing a snowplough, she hit a car parked at the entrance of her convent in the southwestern town of Krzeszow. A year later, her car ended up in a ditch after she drove at high speed.

Anxious to avoid scandal and particularly worried that her convent would find out, the nun went for help to a friend who was a police officer. The policeman promised her he would make sure no one found out - in return for a payment of $960, Weglarowicz-Makowska said.

"When the policeman demanded another payment to keep the second accident under wraps, she decided to inform on him," the spokeswoman added.


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