Let's See: No Job, No Money, No Home, Sleeping in the Yard & for 15 Years Now?
If 'God Loves' Him Any More, He'll Be Giving Blowjobs for Heroin

Be 'Outrageously Blessed' in 2006

from Philippine Daily Inquirer

God Loves Catholic prayer Community founder Robert Castaeda will discuss "How To Be Outrageously Blessed" at 7:30 p.m., starting Jan. 11 and every second Wednesday thereafter. Praise and worship, with Holy Mass, will precede the session.

Bro. Robert, a pastoral team worker of God Loves, experienced God's small miracles in his life when he gave up his jewelry business and concentrated on forming future God Loves members through Life in the Spirit seminars and praise and worship on Wednesday evenings.

Robert follows what he preaches. In the years that he didn't have a business, he trusted that the Lord would provide. He did!

Bro. Robert baked cakes and sold Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

In the 15th year of God Loves, things are back to normal.

God Loves will build a "tent for the Lord" (chapel) behind the five-bedroom house the community is renting at 84 10th St. It will take some time. God Loves will occupy its new house as soon as it is ready.


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