'Praise Allah! Do It!'

Father Imprisoned Four Girls in Flat To 'Teach Them Islam'

from Telegraph

ROMANS-sUR-ISERE, FRANCE - A Moroccan father of four girls who imprisoned his wife and children in their flat "in the name of Islam" received a 10-month suspended sentence and was stripped of his parental rights yesterday.

The unidentified 45-year-old was found guilty of breaking French law on compulsory schooling for children over the age of six, which applies to three of the four girls - aged four, 10, 13 and 14.

The man said he had refused to allow the girls to go to school without the Islamic headscarf, which is banned in state classrooms.

An unemployed benefit claimant, he argued that he was the "only person able to give them a decent education."

The girls, all born in France, had rarely left their flat in La Monnaie, a poor housing estate, and had never got further than the lobby. They were forbidden to play with toys, watch television or read anything other than the Koran. Their only permitted activities were crochet and cleaning. None of them speaks a word of French.

Student Killed 'for Refusing To Convert to Islam'

from Life Style Extra

UNITED KINGDOM - A heartbroken mother today described how her son was executed after he refused to convert to Islam.

Accountancy student Adrian Marriott was shot by a rival gang five times in the head at close range in June 2004, a few weeks before his 21st birthday.

Three members of the gang, known as the "Muslim Boys," were accused of plotting the murder after trying to convert Adrian, a member of south London's "Peel Den Crew," to Islam.

The victim's mother, Ruth Marriott, said she heard her son being gunned down in the park where he walked his dog: "We heard the shooting. We heard gun fire. The thought did strike me that Adrian could be involved, but it was a fleeting thought. Then we heard from police the following evening what had happened.

"Adrian was told on the Sunday prior to his death that he would be killed if he did not become a Muslim by the Wednesday, which was the day he died."


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