Atheists & Baptists Agree: Speaking-in-Tongues = Superstitious Nonsense

New Policy: Southern Baptist Missionary Candidates Can't Speak in Tongues

from Religion News Service

The Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board has adopted a new policy that forbids missionary candidates from speaking in tongues. The policy, adopted Nov. 15 during the board's trustee meeting in Huntsville, Ala., reflects ongoing Southern Baptist opposition to charismatic or Pentecostal practices.

"In terms of general practice, the majority of Southern Baptists do not accept what is referred to as 'private prayer language,'" states the policy, according to a denomination announcement. "Therefore, if 'private prayer language' is an ongoing part of his or her conviction and practice, the candidate has eliminated himself or herself from being a representative of the IMB (International Mission Board) of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention)."

This kind of "speaking in tongues" also a no-no.


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