Hearing This News, Jesus & Lazarus Suddenly Eye at Each Other with Suspicion:
'Exactly How Dead Were You, Anyway?'

Girl 'Resurrects' after 11 Years

from Nation Online

AFRICA - Sixteen-year-old Josephine Chilamba, who died at the age of five in 1994, is believed to have resurrected last month after spending 11 years in the world of darkness.

Josephine surprised people who spotted her walking around a graveyard as mourners were returning home after burial ceremony of one village member in Mkungula Village on October 2, 2005.

Josephine told people who questioned her that she was looking for her mother, Luduwina Chilamba.

Luduwina said her daughter died in April, 1994 after a short illness as they were transporting her to Nkhoma Mission Hospital.

She said people were puzzled to note that Josephine's body felt like any normal living body in terms of temperature, an indication of something fishy surrounding the girl’s mysterious death.

She said women, who were washing the body, noticed that the girl's hands were grabbing the funeral caretakers, adding that the girl could urinate and sneeze as her body was being washed.

Josephine said after disappearing from this world she was taken to a certain house where she met other 15 stranded people who were made to work on the owner's garden, grocery shop, and do other house chores like drawing water and cleaning utensils. The landlord renamed her Dolpha.

"I used to go to the village well to draw water, where I sometimes recognised my relatives, but I could not talk to them," said Josephine.

Asked how she found herself back to this life, Josephine said there was a man who took her into a confined room with a small glass window. He went to the garden, leaving the door unlocked.

"Something just came into my mind to try to open the door," said Josephine. "Then I started running until I found myself near the graveyard."

"Magic is real just like witchcraft. Both the Old and New Testaments have stories about magic powers. For example, in the book of Exodus Moses used magic power," said Chikhwaza.

Chikhwaza said he has heard a lot about people who have done many things through magic such as keeping human beings under confinement for many months or years.

"I have some friends who claim to have used such powers when they were Satanists. But now they have made U-turns in their spiritual lives and are no longer doing so," said Chikhwaza.

Faith of God church Pastor Shadreck Bonyonga said it is possible to pray for the dead to resurrect, but he doubted this was applicable in Josephine’s case because he never heard of the girl being prayed for before her resurrection.

Lazarus the Lazy: The Untold Story of a Deep-Sleeping Binge-Drinker: 'Finally, some fresh air! Now, for the hundredth time, I'm not dead! Not! Never was! I thought I made this crystal clear by shrieking "I'm not dead!" as you idiots dragged me in here! FYI: Corpses don't snore! They don't have to be subdued! You fools! And stop chanting that! The only "miracle" here is that I don't kick your asses! Now someone untie me before my bladder explo-Hey, who's the carpenter?'


Blogger David Amulet said...

Yeah, and last night an NHL player came back "from the dead," too. I think maybe if I hold my breath long enough I can "see the light" and visit the other side, too. I'm sure I'll see a white European man with a beard and a gentle smile--isn't that what a Semitic carpenter 2000 years ago looked like??

-- david

November 22, 2005 9:06 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

What I love about that story is that - even when it's clear that she never died and was instead a victim of child slavery - the writer and the priest's interviewed still frame it and explain it as if she were resurrected from the dead. As usual, the actual facts mean little to Christians. Big surprise.

November 23, 2005 4:50 PM  
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