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Fox: Your Home For Snuff Films the Whole Family Can Enjoy

from Defamer

An operative clued us into this heart-warming Fox press release:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and The Dove Foundation today announced a partnership to make movie selections easier for consumers searching for family-friendly entertainment options available on DVD.

Starting in October, all movie titles marketed nationally by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment that have been approved by The Dove Foundation will bear the foundation’s signature white-and-blue logo of a dove.

The “Dove FAMILY APPROVED Seal” makes it easy for consumers to identify movie titles that the foundation deems appropriate for family viewing. Dove’s criteria gauges the levels of sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity and occultism in a film.

Thank Goodness! Finally, a sensible way to make sure my more impressionable wards are watching some wholesome entertainment for a change. Why, the very first DVD featured on their website, pictured above, next to the entire Garfield collection, is The Passion of the Christ! Gather round, children! This is my favorite part! The Roman soldiers are flailing Jesus’ flesh until it resembles blood-drenched raw ground beef! Who’s hungry for hamburgers?! Raise your hands!


Blogger Tyrvald said...

This is another reason I can't understand how Christians aren't all strictly vegetarian. I can't watch snuff films like that, but I'm a bloody pagan. Is it required by the Bible that we gather around while Jesus is tortured to death on our home entertainment system? Oh, and by "snuff films", I mean The Passion! I fully condone children watching Garfield. Are there supposed to be Christian undertones in these jokes about a cat who eats lasagna? I'm not sure I remember the one where Jesus tells Garfield not to kick Odie off the table. Actually, there's a story about a young Jesus pushing his friend off a rooftop. When he raised the kid back from the dead, this kid insisted he'd fallen accidently. "No, Jesus didn't push me!"

November 18, 2009 6:35 AM  

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