'Reach Out' = Unwelcomed Evangelism
'Proactive' = Aggressive Pursuit of Celebrities

Scientology Reaches Out to Kate Moss

from MSNBC: The Scoop

Scientology has a message for Kate Moss: We can help.

Reps of the controversial religion are “reaching out” to the model, offering to help her beat her drug problem, says a well-placed source. Moss was recently dropped from a lucrative modeling contract when she was photographed snorting lines of coke.

“Scientology has become quite proactive in reaching out to people,” says the source. “Kate is a woman who needs help and Scientology feels that they can steer her in the right direction.”

Specifically, says the source, Scientologists will be urging Moss to undergo treatment with Narconon, a drug treatment program with strong links to Scientology. Greg LaClaire, head of the Scientology’s Celebrity Center declined comment, telling the Scoop, “We don’t talk about the private lives of anyone.”

See? You don't really need coke to act that way. And crazy is free!


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