Nun Flips Her Habit Over Da Vinci Heresy

Nun Protests on Da Vinci Code Film Set

from AFP

LONDON - A Roman Catholic nun staged an protest outside an English cathedral where The Da Vinci Code is being made into a movie - even though she had not read Dan Brown's best-seller.

Sister Mary Michael, 61, prayed for 12 hours on Monday outside Lincoln Cathedral in the east of England where scenes from the forthcoming Tom Hanks blockbuster, directed by Ron Howard, are being shot this week.

She admitted Tuesday that she had not read the book, but had heard enough about it to be spurred into action.

"It matters to me what God thinks, not what the film crew think," said Michael, quoted by Britain's domestic Press Association news agency. "When I face Almighty God, at my final judgment, as we all will, I can say, I did try my best, I did try my best to protest."

Michael said a controversial claim in The Da Vinci Code - that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children by her - was based on a gnostic heresy, "an old error, derived from the mystery faiths of the east".

Michael also accused the Anglican cathedral, which is standing in for Westminster Cathedral in London, of committing the sin of simony - conducting financial transactions involving spiritual goods.


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