Pope B-16 Suffers from Crucifixation (Common Catholic Diversity Deficiency)

Pope Says Society Needs Cross as Reminder of People's Shared Dignity

from Catholic News Service

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy - The crucifix should be present in public and private places because this external symbol of God's presence is a reminder of humanity's shared God-given dignity, Pope Benedict XVI said.

"The modern world believed that by putting God aside" and following man's ideas and desires people could "become truly free," but that did not happen, the pope said during his homily at Mass today. Only by exalting God's greatness can people become great.

"We must apply all this to our daily lives: It is important that God...be present in the symbol of the cross in public places, (that) God be present in our communal life because only if God is present (will) we have a guide, a common path," he said. Without God, people lose their "divine dignity" and become "only a product of a blind evolution" and have "nothing left in common" and "differences become irreconcilable." The pope said that the Virgin Mary asks the faithful "to not give in to the temptations of egoism and evil that extinguish the joy of life from one's heart."


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