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Crosses in a City Logo Draws Fire

from FOX News

LAS CRUCES, N.M. — In New Mexico, the city of Las Cruces, Spanish for 'the crosses,' is under fire because of the religious implications of the official logo.

A federal lawsuit seeks to have the logo, which depicts three adjoining crosses, changed to something that does not include any reference to Christianity.

Filed by Paul Weinbaum and Martin Boyd, the lawsuit claims the logo amounts to religious persecution of non-Christians.

"The last time we saw crosses on a police uniform is the examples from Nazi Germany, and we got police in Las Cruces with crosses on their uniforms," explains Weinbaum. "I almost get upset spending time on this because we have other things we can be taking care of."

Among those who want the logo to remain as is are Las Cruces Mayor Bill Mattiace and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Mattiace maintains the crosses do not endorse any particular religion and are up ton individual interpretation. "Anyone can perceive what they want out of that log, so they have no right to change it for the others that are depicting and seeing something else in that symbol."

Riiiight. The three crosses have nothing to do with 'any particular religion' - and certainly nothing to do with Christianity. Nothing at all. And neither does Intelligent Design, In God We Trust, the Ten Commandments, National Prayer Days, Faith-Based Initiatives, One Nation Under God, etc. Why do Christians find it so disturbingly easy to lie?


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