Scientology: That Sneaky, Creepy Guy Who Keeps Sticking His Head In As the Photo Is Taken But Who No One Invited to the Party

Scientology Involved with School Event, Surprising Administrators

from About Atheism

School officials in Los Angeles, California, were surprised to find that a school event was being organized by an group with close ties to the Church of Scientology. Why? Well, the group didn't reveal their ties - officials only found out when the Church of Scientology promoted their involvement with it.

The Desert Sun reports:

Jordan Principal Stephen Strachan and school counselor Al Johnson said conference planners did not make clear the group’s links to Scientology when the idea for the conference came up last month. “We never engaged in any conversation about the Church of Scientology,” Strachan said Friday. “I never knew they were involved.”

Johnson said he knew some planners were Scientologists but was surprised when Scientology staff sent out a news release listing the church as a co-organizer.

The mere fact that the group has links to the Church of Scientology isn’t a problem. So long as no Scientology doctrines are specifically promoted and so long as the Church of Scientology itself isn’t promoted, everything should be OK.

The problems here are: The organization didn’t mention their links to the Church of Scientology which, in turn, claimed to the public that they were helping organize the event. Both were serious errors and it makes it look like the involvement of the Church of Scientology was deliberately hidden in order to benefit from the later publicity. It looks very, very dishonest.


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