Scientologists in Louisiana: Compassionate Cultism or Recruitment Opportunism?

FEMA vs. Xenu

from Radar

As FEMA struggles to rebound from its botched response to Katrina, another deep-pocketed, better-organized group has eagerly immersed itself in Louisiana’s fetid waters.

According to a press release from The Church of Scientology, the religion’s second-favorite celebrity couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, swooped in to Baton Rouge and New Orleans on Travolta’s jet Monday to join the approximately 400-member Scientology Disaster Response Team already in place.

The couple visited shelters and doled out 1,200 tetanus shots to relief workers while Travolta “showed a demonstration of the ‘assists’ that the Volunteer Ministers are giving and which are helping individuals overcome the trauma of loss of homes and loved ones,” the release said.

For those unfamiliar with the group’s recruiting methods, an “assist” is a type of massage that Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers use to lure people into learning about the religion, which, in case you’ve been living in a media blackout, preaches that an intergalactic warlord named Xenu came to Earth 75 million years ago and implanted a race of evil ghosts from which only Scientology can protect us. Church members similarly used assists during their relief work in Southeast Asia following the tsunami, drawing intense criticism from the largely Buddhist population.

A spokeswoman for New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin said she was unaware of Travolta, Preston or the Disaster Team’s presence, and a rep for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco did not return calls for comment by press time. Beth Akiyama, a spokeswoman for Scientology’s Louisiana operation, declined to comment, saying only, “we’re working here—we’re working to help people.”


Blogger Diamonddille said...

Xenu ...I keep hearing about Zenu, that Scientologists believe in Zenu from an alien race 75 million years ago. What? I am 30 years a Scientologist. Scientology doesn't believe in anything. To know is a higher level, Knowing gives you confidence and ability. If you look you know. Scientology is made up of 100's of processes designed to get you to look. This Zenu garbage comes from the Rick Ross foundation, www.Scientology lies and Operation Clambake, That is there misconception. That is nothing to do with Scientology. It is just something made up to discredit us. Something taken out of context to make them selves right for lying and spreading malicious lies about us. The Mind must always make itself right by making those you wrong, Wrong. They are only justifying there actions. They will never grow. One only grow's if he can understand. What you understand you can't hate. Scientology is about understanding, That will lead you up and out of the trap we as being's are in. Who could believe that Garbage? That is why they say we believe it. Trust me. We know that, fixed ideas and believes tell us that we know , so we don't look any more as we know. That is why we still remain at the level of man. We don't know, if we did we would be operating as a Spiritual Being, Or being Christ like. Man believes he already knows so long ago quit looking. We know that is why man quit growing. By looking, man will grow again. So that lie totally counters, what we know.That is not Scientology, trust me..It may be a page out of a book, but it is out of context and made out to try and discredit us. Aware people know that and are booming Scientology, so the Church lets them keep helping us boom. We know that insane and degraded beings are ineffective in what ever they do. Just so you know. We make the able more able. The able runs society. We will handle the unable once the danger of our destruction is handled.Man always destroys himself and until we change his thinking and get rid of his insanities he will continue to do so. We bring Beings into the present time so he can percieve the truths of existence. That gives one real knowledge and abilities. Believes only causes one to take what they believe out of what someone writes about. That is not duplication or understanding.Someone must really feel duplicated, in order to open up to you. Communication is the solvent of all Problems. LRH Hope that helps. Duplication comes from LOOKING, not believing. Believing only serves to get you to look. It is only a partial process.

September 09, 2005 4:08 AM  

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