Have You Prayed Today, Like a True American?
Yeah, Me Neither

Is That Chili Dog on My New Tie? Studies have proven that praying to help someone is about as effective as blowing a kiss to shoot someone. But doing what works has never been George's strong suit. So you blow your kisses into the wind, Mr. President, and make sure you face the camera.

Day of Prayer for Katrina Victims

from The BBC

A day of prayer is being held in places of worship across the US as Americans remember Hurricane Katrina's victims. President George W. Bush joined worshippers in a service at the national cathedral in Washington.

In his address from New Orleans on Thursday, Bush promised the government would do and spend whatever it takes to rebuild the hurricane-hit area. He said he accepted that the response of his government to the hurricane had been badly handled.

His approval ratings have slumped to the lowest point of his presidency, with only about 40% of voters expressing confidence in Bush.

The day-of-prayer initiative has been criticised by several pastors:

While many places of worship said they would participate, several others said that they had already held their services and would not.

"Not to be critical, but the president is a little late," Rev. Reginald Jackson, president of the Black Ministers Council of New Jersey, was quoted by the Associated Press news agency as saying.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, president of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship, which represents about 100 Tennessee pastors, said the effort now should be on action, not praying.

"We need a prayer that's walking and not just talking," Rev. Fuzz told the AP. "We need a prayer with legs right now."


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