Toilet Stain = Sign from God?

Water-Stained Jesus Image To Be Auctioned

from Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - Some may see it as a sign to call a plumber, but a Pittsburgh man sees the divine.

Jeffrey Rigo, 30, an Internet network engineer, is auctioning off a piece of water-stained plaster from his bathroom that he says looks like an image of Jesus Christ.

Rigo says he saw the image when he stepped out his shower Saturday evening.

"I got out of the shower and yelled, 'Jesus Christ!'" Rigo told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in a story published Thursday. "My girlfriend asked me, 'Oh, my God, what is it?' I pointed and responded, 'No, Jesus Christ!'"

Rigo is seeking at least $1,999.99 for the water-stained piece of plaster he's dubbed "Shower Jesus" on online auction Web site eBay.

Rigo, who isn't religious and doesn't believe the image is a sign from God, said he's approaching the auction lightheartedly.

"The entire auction and its proceedings are not meant to be taken seriously," Rigo said in an e-mail interview. "There is no hidden agenda here, no religious or political commentary to be derived."

Using a rotary tool, Rigo cut out the section of plaster and found the water leak. He then made a box, filled it with plaster and placed the "Shower Jesus" inside to dry.

As of Thursday, there was one bid. The auction ends Tuesday evening.


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