The Devil Doesn't Have PayPal?

Unemployed Economist Tries To Sell Her Soul to the Devil

from AFP

SANTIAGO - After three years of unemployment, a desperate Chilean economist offered her soul for sale to the Devil on the auction website Deremate.com, hoping the real payoff would be more attenion for the dire straits of her country's jobless.

"Mr. Devil, should you show up, here you have a really precious soul and quite cheap really," Patricia Valazquez wrote, with an offering price of about $4,300.

"I am selling my soul - noble, really beautiful and gently used," the 35-year-old mother of a three-year-old added.

That was before the Devil failed to show, but other offers started pouring in, asking what the model number was and if her soul came with any guarantee - and if she would take a used car as partial payment.

She told AFP Thursday the sale was off.

"Now I would rather just shut up."


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