Don't Stare at the Lunatic, Dear - It's Not Polite

Tom Cruise Takes His Crazy Black, No Sugar

from Gawker

This may very well be a spoof, but it’s August, the world is but a void, and Tom Cruise could feasibly say just about anything these days. Besides, if nothing else, you need to know what to discuss at the water cooler:

“Shakespeare was deja vu for me,” said Tom Cruise. “It was so cool. I felt as if I had seen his words already, knew them all by heart. Then, after I began studying Scientology, I realized the words had come from my heart in a previous life. That’s why I say that as glorious and enviable as my present life is, making War of the Worlds and all those other great movies can’t compare to writing Romeo and Juliet or the sonnets.

Tom Cruise essentially is not in madness, but mad in craft.


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