Um, God Can Keep the Vagina...But Thanks.

Arizona State Students Being Preached At

from Queer Day / Arizona Daily Wildcat

The right of free speech came into question at Arizona State yesterday when students argued for the fourth consecutive day with a traveling evangelist. Jed Smock, author of Who Will Rise Up: A Call to Confrontational Evangelism, shared such insights as "a masturbator today is a homosexual tomorrow" and "God has a vagina for every homosexual." Smock also said the only thing Mexicans contribute to society is burritos and Jewish people are only good at making bagels and running banks before advising students against "fornicating outside of marriage, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or doing drugs." For the record, Smock says he found God while taking LSD.

"This validates our First Amendment right to make asses of ourselves," said Tom Monaco, a computer science senior and member of the mock devotee group "Jed-Heads."

Smock said he thought their mock group was "cute."


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